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The Lake in 7 Ways of Escape.

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You are a normal teenager, or so you thought. Wherever you had once lived, nobody knew you were a mutant. You thought this was normal. When you were young, you exposed your powers to the society, where soon after, you were determined a 'freak of nature.' You had no idea what this meant, because you were young. You kept living your life until one day, they had you removed from the society of where you had once lived.

But, soon after the governments of all 50 states came together and had another plan. Instead of removing them, they created a band of unlawful hunters, called the 'Mortem Venators' or MV's for short. They where coined this term for the latin definition, "Death Hunters." The militaries of all states formed this group to hunt and kill any existing mutant. Soon after discovering this, you became horrified and your parents even tried to hide you, if you even have parents. Most were killed trying to rebel against this. What are you going to do? You are in the middle of a crisis, but you began hearing rumors about a rebel group of mutants in Dawson Forest, Georgia. What's the risk? You are not sure, but you want to find a way to escape, so you pack some things and run to Georgia. Where ever you used to reside is in the past now, the choice is clear. Escape. You figure it may be your only shot at living. Visit us on the Role Play [1] and possibly join us!

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