Ariana Catherine Vasquez

Ariana Catherine Vasquez

Game7 Ways Of Escape
First SeenThe Forest
Starting ClassShapeshifters

“Well, that's in the past. You can't let it make you sad your whole life.”
—Ariana was talking to Enchantment, trying to comfort her, before getting yelled at.

Ariana, preferred name Ari, is Amber Rose Kale Vasquez's younger sister. She appears in 7 Ways Of Escape as a Protagonist. She is also one of the many shapeshifters in the Role Play, but she also has other useful powers. She is also a water bender which she developed a little later on after she was discovered. She has a spiritual connection with the Empress Sanaki of Begnion, and she still has no clue about it. She has a giant black raven named Naesala who was stuck in his raven form for a very long time, along with his enemy Tibarn. Now he is able to shift into human-raven form whenever he pleases. He is Ariana's bodyguard. She escaped with her sister, Amber, to try to find the rebels led by Luke Sillivan Jivil and Megan Saradonyx Jivil. She was walking around the forest looking for Amber, when she bumped into Jason Frasure. Since then she has been an unofficial member of the rebels, like her sister. She met a Mortem Venator named Demitri Getts when she was wandering in the forest. After a while, they fell in love. Now the two of them are happily together.