Demitri Getts

Demitri Getts

Game7 Ways of Escape
First SeenMortem Venator's Camp
Starting ClassMortem Venator

“Thanks, but I must say that you do look better. I don't put any real thought into what I wear.”
—Demitri, complimenting his loved one, Ariana. (I thought this just showed his niceness and supportiveness.)

Demitri Getts lived in the city for the most part of his life with his abusive father. Demitri's mother died when he was very young, so he doesn't remember much of her. His father has made him wicked jumpy and frightened, and also left behind mental and physical scars. Once he was 17 and graduated from highschool, he went to study to become a firefighter. The reason why was that he was saved from a fire when he was about 6 years old. His father thought this was a stupid thing for him to want to do with his life. His father was a high ranked MV for a while and despised mutants. He retired recently, making Sam leader. Demitri has one cousin, Hunter Rhoge, who was his best friend when he was younger. Hunter was like an older brother to him, and he was a mutant, the main reason Demitri didn't want to become a Mortem Venator. But his father forced him into becoming one. He hates knives, because his father used to use them to 'teach him a lesson' or punish him for invalid reasons. Demitri used to have an older brother, but his brother died when he was only three years old. When he met Ariana Catherine Vasquez, he was walking in The Forest around the Mutant Camp. Ariana grew suspicious of him, but they eventually became friends. After a long time, they began to fall in love, which led Demitri to ditching his MV status and follow along and live with Ariana.