Jason Frasure

Jason Frasure before J took him over.

Game7 Ways of Escape
First SeenThe Forest
Starting ClassUnknown

“Remember when I told you that I love you so much it hurts? Well.. Now it truly hurts so at least I know it was real.”
—Jason said to Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, as he was very hurt at the time.

Jason Frasure, sometimes called Jay, appears as a Protagonist in 7 Ways of Escape. Jason is an element bender, controlling most of the elements such as Water, Fire, Air, Electricity, and Earth possibly. Jason is not like most of the characters, such as Keira Miranda Ellaniorachy Stone, Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, Ariana Catherine Vasquez, Dax Tanner, and Victoria Tiffany Brown. He is not one of the shapeshifters. He was first discovered in The Forest, coming from a sewer to attempt escape from his horrible past. Jason had killed a kid for almost drowning him, and he felt horrible for it, plus his mother had died. (?) He soon became one of the rebels, led by Luke Sillivan Jivil and Megan Saradonyx Jivil. He met Amber Rose Kale Vasquez and healed her leg because she had been shot by Dallas Rider. He soon formed a crush on Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, and she formed one for him too. They dated for a long time, before it had failed, leaving Jason crushed. He has been able to get over Amber, so we've heard. Nephenee and Victoria Tiffany Brown have been talking to him, as Nephenee is hoping to heal his broken heart.. but Jason doesn't like her that way. Him and Tori had been discussing things about their past, but are just acquaintances.