The forest after Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, Sanaki, Micaiah, and Ariana Catherine Vasquez revived it using their melodies.

Dawson Forest, Georgia is the setting of the 7 Ways of Escape role play. This forest is smack dab in the middle of the state, and the forest contains The Lake to the east, The Mutant Camp to the south, The Mortem Venator's Camp to the north, and to the west The City.

The forest had once been burned down by Axel using his signature move Explosion. But before that, he had caught parts of it on fire using simple fire bending moves. He had been expressing his anger towards Zane Kyler because he had been 'moping' in Axel's eyes about Amber Rose Kale Vasquez's attempt at Suicide. However, Jason Frasure had tried to put the fire out before, but it didn't work. Soon enough, Axel used Explosion, and the fire became too powerful and just burned down the whole forest, along with the Mutant Camp. Before the forest had been burnt down, it had looked something like this, semi-lifeless.

Forest 2

The Forest before it was burnt down.

But, soon after it became just a pile of ashes, the four girls, Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, Sanaki, Ariana Catherine Vasquez, and Micaiah, used 4 ancient melodies to restore the forest's properties, life, emotion, and spirit. After this, the forest became a big patch of green and life. But now, the Eastern part of the forest is ashes once again because of Joe Aldean's capture on Axel, which got Axel angry enough to attempt burning Joe to death.