Victoria Tiffany Brown
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Tori with blonde hair

Game7 Ways of Escape
First SeenThe Forest attacking Nephenee because she got threatened.
Starting Classshapeshifters, rebels

“Exactly. You don't just threaten whoever comes here. I'll kill you if you touch me, girl.”
—She said to Jason Frasure, then countering to Nephenee after being threatened by her.

Victoria Tiffany Brown, preferred name Tori, appears as one of the Protagonists in 7 Ways of Escape. She is one of the many shapeshifters in the role play, and takes the form of a White Female Lion. She also has the ability, Sonic Scream. She was first spotted in The Forest as Nephenee found her and thought she was a threat, which resulting in her threatening Tori. Tori has no idea who the leader of the rebels is, as she hasn't even been to the Mutant Camp yet. She has a very treasured ability also that is wanted by Mortem Venators, Power Mimicry which allows her to copy and use any power for up to 10 minutes, on anybody she chooses, as long as the power is used against her.

More to be discovered.