Yune Ashunera Vasquez

Yune in her human form.

Game7 Ways of Escape
First SeenFire Emblem : Radiant Dawn
Starting ClassGoddess of Chaos

“I'm so cute, how is this thing terrifying? Sometimes what I eat is more terrifying than me!”
—Yune retorting to Allison Drays, as the girl was afraid of the witty bird.

Yune Ashunera, preferred name Yune, appears in 7 Ways of Escape as a Semi-Protagonist, along with other characters. Yune Ashunera, or Yune, is the goddess of chaos, along with being one of the many shapeshifters, as to why she takes the form of a normal bird for the most part of her role in the role play. She doesn't want to reveal her status as a goddess. She has all of the abilities and powers of Micaiah, Sanaki, Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, and Ariana Catherine Vasquez. She is spiritually connected with the four girls, and takes on their abilities. She has a human girl form, but never really takes the form unless it is necessary. Yune can no longer speak in bird form because of the mutant capture, but she is able to possess Amber Rose Kale Vasquez or Micaiah to be able to speak. She is Amber's orange bird, who helps guide people while making stupid decisions on her own. Nobody has ever seen Yune in her human form, except for Amber and Ariana. She only uses it with people she trusts.


Yune is as spunky as they come and very witty. Though she can be an idiot like many others by making mistakes, just like a normal human. Though she is not the 'goddess' type, she tries to fit in with regular humans or mutants. She hates being called the 'Chaos Goddess', because she is actually good. She is easily offended and hurt, and usually refers to Zane Kyler as 'the bully' because of his attitude. Yune loves to tease Zane and annoy him, and scaring Allison Drays until she passes out, but overall she is very protective of all of the mutants, especially Micaiah, Sanaki, Amber Rose Kale Vasquez, and Ariana Catherine Vasquez.