Zane Kyler
Game7 Ways of Escape
First SeenHired as a Mortem Venator
Starting ClassMortem Venator.

“To be honest, if you hadn't been crying, I probably wouldn't have let you go. I'm glad I let you escape.”
—Zane, when he was talking to Amber Rose Kale Vasquez.

“I am glad that you weren't killed, more than you think.”
—Zane, when he was talking to Amber Rose Kale Vasquez when she was upset.

Zane Kyler first made his appearance in 7 Ways of Escape as an Antagonist. He was hired by the leader of a group created by the government, called the Mortem Venators. Zane was born in a small town located in Georgia. After a while in the role play, he returned to his home town to relive his memories. He met back up with a girl he had liked when they knew each other way back and her name was Allison Drays. She had still liked Zane, but he hadn't felt the same. Zane spent a couple of years in a military school and became very good at shooting. Soon after, his father got a better job, and Zane was hired as a MV shortly after. Sad enough, his mother died when he was only 9 years old. Zane deep inside didn't like MV's, but he had to please his father. He had a rivalry with Dallas Rider while he had his job as an MV, but he lost his place in the job after releasing Amber Rose Kale Vasquez because she had started crying, which had made him uncomfortable. He eventually began to have feelings for the mutant, and after months of arguing and stresses, they became a couple after Amber and Jason Frasure's relationship had failed a month before. Zane is now the father of Amber Rose Kale Vasquez's unborn baby, and they are both very pleased, or at least Amber hopes he is.


Zane is a very tall and muscular 19 year old man. He has a thick southern accent and like any country boy, he loves his cowboy hat more than just about anything. He is very tall, and towers over most of the people he meets at a surprising 6'4". He has a perfect country singer voice, and gets annoyed very easily. He has a bad temper that appears out of nowhere, but deep down he can be very romantic. When he's in a good mood, he is friendly, always wanting to have fun. Zane thinks very highly of himself, from calling himself a 'handsome devil', to calling his muscles sexy, and just being extremely strong. He has a nack for fighting and enjoys it.

“I can't blame you, I certainly am a handsome devil..”
—Zane said with a grin as Amber and he were speaking, and he tried to lighten the mood.


Zane \z(a)-ne\ as a boy's name is pronounced zayne. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Zane is "God is gracious". Possibly a variant of Hebrew John, or a variant of a Scandinaviansurname. Western writer Zane Grey. Zain (Hindu) means "godly light".